Tails Amy Rose & Rouge Sing “A Perfect Christmas” to their friends Sonic Shadow Knuckles and more!
Tails and Sonic Pals Christmas Music Video
Download – https://soundcloud.com/user-547844804/perfect-christmas-tails-sonic-pals-austin-ally-cover

Happy Holidays!! πŸŽ…

What about Tails’ kiss under the Mistletoe?

Sonic Prime and Sonic Frontiers relasing, was a great end of year treat for Sonic The Hedgehog fans. Thanks Sega, Sonic Team, we love you 😘

Video Editing, Vocals, Vocal Mixing : Bulma Bunny @TailsAndSonicPals
πŸ”· LinkTree : https://linktr.ee/BulmaBunny
⭐TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@tailsandsonicpalsyt

~ Art Credits ~
Sonic Tails Amy Knuckles Rouge Shadow Cream Cheese Vanilla Vector Espio Charmy Zooey
Reaction Art : @CuteyTCat

Eggman Cosmo Orbot Cubot Omega Sally Tails Doll Classic Tails Tails and Cosmo holding hands Reaction Art : Domestic

Silver and Blaze Reaction art by FlameElleWood
Twitter : https://twitter.com/FlameEliwood
DeviantArt: https://t.co/ZwOVFix71l?amp=1

Boom Sonic and Amy Reaction Art @SherryDoodlez

Classic Sonic Reaction Art : xxxJohnnieWalker2005

Tails Workshop : yuliaphyria

YouTube clip by silver c stick

Please do not repost artwork from this video, this includes character and background artwork. Reactions and reviews of my content are fine and fall under fair use.

~ Music Used ~
Song A Perfect Christmas ~ Ross Lynch
Backing Track Created by erickdiazzz

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