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Directed by David Lehre

Music Video Production by Vendetta Studios

Producer: Hallory Sindelar
Camera: Bliss Garcia
AD: Doug Holdun
AC: Karbis Sarafyan

Ava foley @avafoley
Phoenix Harrell @pharr08
Skyler Harrell @skyeharrell_
Chacha Shen @chachashen1
Leighton Brandt @_life_with_leighton
Blaise Bennett @theblaiseshow @stellaandblaise

Song Written by David Lehre
Song Produced by Phil Schwab

Mixed and Recorded at Blackwoods Studios, Los Angeles by Wissam Ghorayeb


(uh) The whole world too serious now
So I’mma about to make a hit like POW
Just Forget about the troubles and drama
And Turn it up for ya cousin and ya mama

This the feel good track for the summer
Like a half court shot at the buzzer
Rolling stone magazine on the cover
Lamborghini every different color

I know you working so hard every single day
But you gotta leave time for a little play
Even when some things try to get to your way
You’re gonna be A-OK

When it feels like everything is under
Listen to me, You ain’t gotta wonder
Just believe they about to call ya number
You’re gonna be A-OK


Yea I got Nothing else left to say
Baby You can have it all your way
Got me Feeling so good-
Let’s play Let’s Play Let’s play

(Can’t stop me!) I’m Starting up a brand new day
Baby You can have it your way
Now We Gonna take a trip-
Let’s play Let’s Play Let’s play

i do it for my family, I do it for the love
do it for my friends checking all the above
WWE champion that’s me
Top rope, finisher, hot shot, they tap out

They don’t know which level that I be on
Cause I’m reaching for the stars like Elon
Gold chains on my neck cause I’m too cold
Outta this world I’m on Mars with Bruno


Post Chorus:
Ooooo oooo oooo
Let’s Play!
Ooooo ooo ooo

Ooooo oooo oooo
Let’s Play!
Ooooo ooo ooo

Got em saying Let’s Play!
Gotta me feeling okay!
In the clouds fly away!
All my time today!

sing ending
So Live it up today
Got it on replay
No matter what they say
It’s gonna be okay



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