The aim of this video project is to encourage and uplift the young aspiring dancers

And to promote the Tourism of Garo Hills (Meghalaya)
Including the awareness of Eco Friendly Procedure to protect the environment from Harmful Substances like Plastic

We have emphasized to visualize the Rules and Regulation imposed by the Local Authorities of those particular Tourism spot to maintain the healthy environment

Singer – Anju Sangma & Jitupan Bora
Lyrics & compose – Learzearsaldo M Sangma
Additional Compose – Jitupan
Music / Mixing / Mastering – Studio Naromas Tura

Cast – Anju Sangma, Jitupan Bora, Enakhy B Marak & Sarita Lohar.
Video concept & Direction – Jitupan Bora
Cinematography & Edited by Salchuang N Marak
Assistant camera – Embal M Sangma
Assist. M.U.A. – Silchi
Manager – Taiwanchi ch Marak and Julia A Sangma

Dancers –
Sarah T Sangma
Rashmi Boro
Mary Jyothi Boro
Weshaly A Sangma
Tengchi ch Sangma
Achesa R Marak

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Special Thanks – Senbalstone G Momin and all people of Tura Dc park , Chandigre resort for giving us permission and supporting us to complete this video