Little B-Tec @aitch at least Aitch is tall 🤬

What a loser, when he’s gonna lose?
How much much more’s he gonna do
Why’s he always got a point to prove
Like, pftt, have you seen the way he moves
Bruv he’s gonna lose soon
He’s a loser, boy I can’t wait until he lose
Fucking loser, anyone could do what he do
I could be in his shoes, it wouldn’t be an issue
Everybody needs to move on from this shit yout
I hate him, always winning
Like when’s he gonna lose?

Who gassed this kid
To think his tracks are sick
Gave him plaques n shit
And let him act so lit
He wouldn’t have no chicks without that blue tick
He ain’t bad he’s a prick and he’s 5’6
Always breathing down the mic every time he spits
Bruv I cringe to my core every time he talks
Kinda kid who robbed stores back in primary school
Little B Tec Aitch, at least Aitch is tall
He ain’t won no awards
Can’t wait to see an end to him
Imagine being friends with him
If I was his mate I’d tell him straight you ain’t meant for this
You’ve had your little shine now
You should make amends with it
Getting on my last nerve
He ain’t got bars
He just parties
And clarts birds
Flies round the world first class with the dargs
Stays in the charts forever thinking he’s fucking sick
Little prick


Little one hit wonder
Extra small jumper
How the scene let him cut through what a blunder
Chavvy as they come bet his mrs is a munter
And he only blew from the magic that his mum done
Only went viral cuz of the TikTok’s
He can’t afford a buss down, look at his wrist watch
He ain’t got drip why his tops always ripped off
The skinny little twig he should be keeping that shit on
My girl was obsessed with him so I left her
Yeah her lives better now but I bet it gets worse
I hear him in the clubs and I just can’t even get turnt
Nah I weren’t nodding, my head my neck hurts
Nah I don’t follow the kid, he pops up
Don’t ask how I know where he’s been
I’m just smart
And it’s hard to escape him
I don’t rate him
But he’s on all my pages
I hate him