“ZEISS (feat. Toro y Moi)” is the first single off Elijah Kessler’s debut record ‘LIGHTSPEED’ out April 14th on Company Records.

video edit and video concept by Billie Ocean

Toro y Moi:

Why you gotta go and make me do that?
I woke up feelin’ like I need a sauna
Now I’m goin’ round buying ubers
Now I’m feelin’ like a loser
I know what tonight’s like
Keep my distance like just right
So on the choice, decide
How’d I end up way up here like

Elijah Kessler:

Red rum written on the mirror like a vandal
Eyeliner melting on her face it’s from the candle
She been drinking way too much the case’s empty handles
never said i’m holy but i got on jesus sandals

Need a bitch to hold me but this bitch is from los angeles
know that that you know me but your crew is looking scandalous
elijah kessler, tony take a step if you can handle us
Told her she could blow me cuz my girlfriend couldn’t handle it

Skinny thighs, asking for a blanket in the backseat
water gun, if you wanna spray then you should ask me
what is fun? fucking all these bitches hella taxing
chaka khan, you can hear the soul inside my rap-sing
new definition for the things that i do
cuz every time they ask me i can’t say what i do
i just rap in the stu, i just sing in the stu
man, i do every fuckin’ damn thing in the stu!

Toro y Moi:

I’m still tryna find that juice, man
Feels pretty nice, man
From the inside out, man
Queue the next card

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