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Celtic Worship is an organic cultural expression of sung worship in Scotland today; an expression which follows in the footsteps of what has taken place in Scotland for centuries. Comprised of some of the most interesting and innovative musicians in Scotland’s flourishing contemporary music scene, the band is driven by a sincere desire to use their skills, giftings and various abilities to praise and make known Jesus Christ. Together they explore the beautiful timeless truth of psalms and older hymns, whilst contributing original works to the canon of Christian music – all with the instrumentation and musical language of their native Scotland including the powerful sound of bagpipes, whistles and fiddle.

The group was first assembled in late 2016 to prepare for a live worship event held during Glasgow’s famous Celtic Connections festival. Since then, the band has performed in the UK and Europe, has released two studio albums, and continues to accumulate millions of views of their online videos. They have just released their Christmas album – Come Behold: Christmas Collaborations – featuring guest artists such as Ron Block, Norrie MacIver, Unoma Okudo, and Blue Rose Code.

Celtic Worship are: Naomi Stirrat, David Hogg, Mhairi Marwick, Scott Wood, Chris Amer, Gus Stirrat and Ifedade Thomas.

Moving ahead, the band continues to write, perform and, above all, bring praise to the One to whom all praise is due. They invite you to join them.


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Naomi Stirrat – Vocals
David Hogg – Vocals & Guitar
Mhairi Marwick – Fiddle
Scott Wood – Whistle
Chris Amer – Electric Guitar
Gus Stirrat – Bass
Ifedade Thomas – Drums

🎥 Analog Film Co
Venue – Knockraich Farm, Fintry, Scotland
Special thanks – Brian & Kellie Ingraham, Bryony MacGregor & all at Knockraich Farm


There in a stable He lay so peacefully
Light of the world freely given for us to receive
Wise men bowed down and the shepherds rejoiced
He is here for all to see

O a child is born
A son came down for us
He reigns on high this Christmas time
And evermore

Humbly you came to the earth little child for me
To suffer to save to bring life past the grave
Angels they sang giving praise to the One
Precious gift for all to receive

Jesus our Saviour we praise your holy name
We give thanks to you for your love mercy and grace
Restoring us now bringing hope to the world
Praise the Lord He reigns on high

A Child is Born
Artist: Celtic Worship
Album: Come Behold: Christmas Collaborations
Written by Mhairi Marwick

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