Official music video for Brandon Lake’s brand new song “COUNT ‘EM”

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You got thunder in Your vocal
You got flames in Your eyes
You got wonder working power
Pouring out of Your side
Checked the tomb all the way through, the grave was empty inside
Ain’t no other pull the greatest miracle of all time

You got power demons cower when they hear Your name called
You got power that still towers, make Goliath look small
You got power to devour any counterfeit roar
Even Your tongue is a sword
Count up the score

You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)


All those funerals You ruined when You made the dead rise
Heaven’s healer using spit and mud
To open blind eyes
You got wonders I can’t number
Couldn’t count if I tried
Called the doctor and the doctor said
I’m giving new life
Tell your enemies the victory is already here
More than sixty thousand angels
Just the tip of the spear
One day every knee will bow
And every heart will be Yours
This is the end of a war
Count up the score

You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)

How many enemies
Ended on bended knees
Swallowed up in defeat
Can’t count ‘em

How many raging seas
Opened in front of me
How many victories
Can’t count ‘em

How many prophecies
No one would dare believe
Now it’s reality
Can’t count ‘em

How many broken men
Given a second chance
See all the lifted hands
Can’t count ‘em

How many Thomas’
Doubted Your promises
Standing here now convinced
Can’t count ‘em

How many hospitals
Said it’s impossible
How many miracles
Can’t count ‘em

How many paralyzed
Living a different life
Go on and testify
Can’t count ‘em

How many sinners saved
How many bodies raised
How many empty graves
Can’t count ‘em


You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)

Songwriters: Brandon Lake, Jacob Sooter, Hank Bentley

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