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Alka Yagnik’s impeccable vocals make an unforeseen appearance on the second track from ‘Gunehgar’, as producer Karan Kanchan samples ‘Bazigar o bazigar’. And as the duo did on Satya, they make yet another rap banger out of a classic bollywood tune. Armani White, the ‘Billie Eilish’ hitmaker hops on the track and to no surprise drops a stylish verse as his smooth vocal delivery serves as a delightful contrast to DIVINE aggressive and rugged vocals.

Audio Credits:

Track: Baazigar
Artist: DIVINE
Featuring Artist: Armani White
Lyrics: DIVINE, Armani White
Co-Composers: DIVINE, Armani White, Karan Kanchan, Anu Malik, Nawab Arzoo
Produced by: Karan Kanchan
Mixed by: Hanish Taneja
Mastered by: Hanish Taneja
Label: Gully Gang / Mass Appeal
Sample Courtesy: Believe Music / Ishtar Music

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Edited by: Sasta Acid

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