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My name is EES, I am an independent musician from Namibia and my vision is to spread positive energy through my Music, LIFESTYLE & STORIES. Feel free to share my videos if you like what you see.

Cinematographer: Diddi Reloaded
Camera Assistent: Denzel Mupunga
Make Up: Kauna
Directed, edited and graded by: EES

BIG THNK YOU to Kamatjona & Wild-Wifi for the use of this beautiful house

When last have we seen or heard a brand new collaboration with two of Namibias “first generation” legendary artist?

With Oteya taking a long break from the Music industry and starting her family, she is now back in full swing by teaming up with EES, who has been releasing and pushing his Music career since we got to hear from him the first time, round about 18 years ago!-)

Yes, time flies when you’re having fun, and the same one can say about their new collabo. A sweet Afro-Beat sound that quickly gets you nodding your head and pulls you in to the typical smooth Oteya voice.

Oteya is the OG of Namibian Music. She originally started out using her birth name Dapheney Willibard. She was part of an RnB girl duo called Gal Level with her friend Frieda. Once she broke off from the group and went solo in 2014, she started using her current stage name Oteya. The Gal Level combination was a perfect match as they delivered soulful and soothing Music. Oteya isn’t only a musician but a wife to her current manager and a mother to her two beautiful children. This year Oteya celebrated 20 years in the industry and continues to inspire many artists in Namibia.



Kamera: Sony 6400 – *
Schnittprogramm: Premiere Pro CC – *
Softboxen:TecTake 5500K *

* Unterstützt durch Produktplatzierung (P) – naja hauptsächlich mein eigner stuff-) aber das muss man ja auch hier rein schreiben!-)