This is just a parody song. A satire. Don’t take it seriously.
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What happened to the poke franchise since we’ve grown up? Back in the day it brought us mystical beasts like Charizard or Mewtwo, but over the years the pocket monsters became much more human. Newer Generations of furry Pokemon, from Braixen to Cinderace, from Primarina to Gardevoir and Meowscarada are still in every Pokemon trainer’s dreams…

for all the right reasons.

When “pass” isn’t an option, join young Furrymon Master Chalk on his epic adventure to smash ‘em all!

DISCLAIMER: This music video contains stupid adult jokes and should be treated as a silly parody video. It is a satire on the fandom and Game Freak. It was created for comedic and artistic purposes only and is not meant to harm any humans, furries or attractive pocket monsters. Please forgive our sense of humour and enjoy the song and animation!


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Furrýmon: Gotta Smash ’Em All!
Song by The Chalkeaters

Written by Alios [ ]
Music Producer: Tim Maslov [ ]
Arranger / Guitars: @ErgyErgy
Vocals: @BlackGryph0n, @NataliaNatchannel
Mixing Engineer: Ilya Lukashev

Music Video by The Chalkeaters

Executive Producer / Screenplay: Alios [ ]
Director / Storyboard Artist: @debrodis [ ]
Project Management: Vasilisa Denisova
Video Editing / Compositing: Lenich [ @LenichKirya ]
Cover Art: Pondis [ ]

Rough Animation: dashin’smashin’, TavyaPL, Vi0lych, debr0dis, Olon Johnson, FINDO, Tais Ulianov, Kiryumiа
Animation Cleanup: dashin’smashin’, TavyaPL, Talasinty, Danon, debr0dis, velanovaova, Tais Ulianov, Walteria, rettriverr, Lizus, Kiryumiа
Coloring: Talasinty, Danon, debr0dis, velanovaova, Tais Ulianov, rettriverr, Kiryumiа, Olon Johnson
Background Artists: Melloque, miitara, Casty, skotomogilnik, topazice, Nerres, Lisa Schavel, debr0dis
Pixel Art: Vi0lych
3D Layout: Melloque, Casty, Lisa Schavel
Outro Animation: Benedique
VFX: Hunternif, TavyaPL, Talasinty
Subtitles font by Mucrush
Special Thanks to Vitally Golovanov

Polish subtitles: @basicallymarti
Spanish subtitles: Carlo Esteban Mormontoy Castro @siklife
Ukrainian subtitles: Александр Трайхардер
Japanese subtitles: Joe Swift

We are The Chalkeaters, the overproduced sheetpost band making funny songs and animated videos about video games, game industry and related memes. In a higher production quality than they have any right to be in.

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