“LoFi Beats” is the newest album from Chill Music Videos. This five-track collection is a journey through the laid-back, soulful sound of lofi beats. From the thoughtful reflections of “Thinking Clearly” to the mellow groove of “Clear Skies,” this album offers a perfect backdrop for contemplation and relaxation. Take a stroll through the streets of your neighborhood with “In Your Neighborhood” or pass the time with “Time To Wait.” Finally, bring your journey to an end with the uplifting “(The Drive Home) Happiness.” Let “LoFi Beats” be your soundtrack to life.


00:00 1 · LoFi Beats (Thinking Clearly)
05:12 2 · LoFi Beats (Clear Skies)
10:12 3 · LoFi Beats (Time To Wait)
15:48 4 · LoFi Beats (In Your Neighborhood)
19:40 5 · LoFi Beats (The Drive Home)

Chill Music Videos

Chill Music Videos, hailing from the beautiful Central American nation of Costa Rica, is an up-and-coming lofi music artist with a unique and captivating sound.
Combining elements of lo-fi hip hop, soulful R&B, and jazzy downtempo chill, Chill Music Videos creates a soulful and melodic soundscape that is as soothing as it is captivating.
A self-taught music producer, Chill Music Videos produces all of their own beats and instrumentals, crafting an aural experience that is as unique as it is innovative.

Chill Music Videos’ music has been described as a “journey of sound”, simultaneously providing a calming and peaceful atmosphere while also taking listeners on an exciting and immersive sonic journey. The artist’s beats are often driven by lush electronic instruments, combined with soulful samples, to create a sound that is both captivating and soothing.

So, if you’re looking for a calming, peaceful music video to add to your playlist, then look no further! Chill Music Videos has you covered with this lofi track. Whether you’re new to the lofi genre or a veteran, this is the perfect video for you.

With the rise of lofi music, it’s becoming increasingly popular among those looking for a peaceful escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. This video is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add some chill vibes to their day. With captivating visuals and uplifting melodies, this track is sure to have you feeling relaxed and content.

So, what are you waiting for? Tune in now and get ready to be taken to a tranquil state of mind. This lofi track from Chill Music Videos is sure to become a fan favorite.

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