Well, well it has been a minute since I’ve released a music video on my channel, so this one feels real good. At the end of the day I feel blessed to be still doing what I do, expressing myself creatively whilst balancing a full-time job and family life, sh*t is not easy, believe me and I know why so many other artist drop off the face of the earth when they get to my age, actually most drop off well before. Shout out to my dowg, my homie Muxy for keeping me sharp and always making time and putting massive work into the music we collab on, bro is a real one and deserve his props. Now for all those with me, hit that NOTIFY button and LIKE button & drop a Comment to show your love and support. music vid drops 21st July at 12pm Darwin, NT time. Thank all of yuz
Official music Video for “How Long” by Muxy & Emerald Sun

Listen & Download “How Long” out now:

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Performed by Emerald Sun & Muxy
Produced by Ramseybeatz
Written by Liam McEnerney, Muxy
Filmed in Launceston, Tasmania
Filmed by Matthew Lim and Liam McEnerney
Edited by Matthew Lim
Contact: emeraldsunmusic@gmail.com muxymusic@gmail.com
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