The fun Squad did their epic Cover version (extended version) of the popular song “Peaches” from the Super Mario Bro’s movie! Bowser is played by Brandon Skye (fun Squad dad), Peach is played by Sarah Skye (fun Squad mom), Mario is played by Kade Skye and all of the Koopas are played by the amazing fun Squad cast! Our extended version of this fun Bowser song will have you singing and dancing along! Thanks for watching our videos! Go watch the Super Mario Bro’s movie now! All of us at the fun Squad loved watching Bowser and Peach and Mario and Luigi and Donkey Kong in that epic movie! We love making fun music videos and songs for YouTube and Vevo!

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Thanks to Becky Willard at Vox Fox Studios for the arrangement.
Thanks to Shea S. for his amazing work on this Cover song also!

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