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Huge thank you to both of my daughters, Leilani and Hokulani. As always you both brought the creepy that only our bloodline can capture and doing it unshook while standing in a graveyard next to an “Allen” headstone (WTF!!). Thank you Natalie Wisdom, the Dark Queen of the Akua Universe. You are the perfect match and I look forward to working with you so much more. Im always thankful and blessed to have my day one with me Will aka Father Jones. This video started with us just messing around and turned out so dope. Another big thank you to Sean Hartgrove for finding and filming several of the locations. As always I am honored to have you and your talents in my life. Thank you to my manager Jason Randle of The Clear Media. Your guidance is 2nd to none. Thank you to Candace Spade for help on the set. Such appreciation for you.

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Beat produced Akua
Song by Akua
Lyrics Written By Akua
Directed by Sean Hartgrove and Akua
Filmed by Sean Hartgrove and Will
Edited by Akua
VFX by Akua

Powerful Hip Hop