Regina & Hacker TikTok Spy Ninjas #shorts

After Chad Wild Clay made “we broke up…”, Vy Qwaint created “The FBI is Shutting Us Down!”, Daniel Gizmo uploaded “Is My Girlfriend Cheating On Me?”, The Spy Ninjas are busting into PZ9’s hacker house to foil his plan to strengthen Project Zorgo! Melvin PZ9 needs that briefcase! The Spy Ninjas must sneak in and lay traps around the house for a group of hackers that are showing up soon! They use electric wire, fire, bows and arrows, and a microphone system to throw these hackers off! But only one hacker shows up! Oh no! Where are the other hackers, and will these traps work? Will Melvin PZ9 be able to make Project Zorgo stronger than ever before?? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2022!

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Brianna – Busting World’s DUMBEST YouTuber Myths

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SPY NINJA DAX DEFEATED in HACKER BATTLE ROYALE (Hide & Seek Challenge with PZ9 for Vy Qwaint Phone)

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I BETRAY The SPY NINJAS and SNEAK INTO The SAFE HOUSE! Project Zorgo Challenge In Real Life Vlog

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Funny Tanning PRANK On Twin Brother!

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WORLDS FASTEST CAR WINS $10,000!! ($1Million Top Secret Reveal)

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24 Hours Trapped on Roof with Best Friend! (Secret Meeting with Game Master Spy) Matt and Rebecca

Faze Rug:
Asking Strangers for the Time, Then Giving Them an Apple Watch

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Chad Wild Clay

Vy Qwaint

Stephen Sharer

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Carter Sharer

Papa Jake

Rebecca Zamolo

Matt & Rebecca



Guava Juice

Lucas and Marcus

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