Relativity Records is such a dope label for early 90s hip hop. So many great artists came out of Relativity Records including: Common Sense, The Beatnuts, Fat Joe, Chi-Ali, M.O.P. and many more.

This mix clocks in just under 30 minutes and features almost 20 music videos of some of the greatest songs put out by this hip hop label. As usual, there is plenty of scratching, juggling, and mixing that you love about the mixes Hip Hop History Guy makes for YOU.

Playlist (Ep. 116):
00:00 Common Sense – ‘Resurrection (Extra P. Remix)’ (1995; Large Professor; Relativity Records)
01:45 The Beatnuts – ‘Reign Of The Tec’ (1993; The Beatnuts; Relativity Records)
02:45 The Beatnuts – ‘No Equal (Remix)’ (1998; The Beatnuts; Relativity Records)
04:26 Common Sense – ‘I Used To Love H.E.R.’ (1994; No I.D.; Relativity Records)
05:36 Common Sense – ‘Soul By The Pound’ (1993; Immenslope; Relativity Records)
07:37 Fat Joe – ‘The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)’ (1994; DJ Premier; Relativity Records)
09:26 Fat Joe ft. Grand Puba & Diamond D – ‘Watch The Sound (Beatnuts Remix)’ (1993; The Beatnuts; Relativity Records)
10:45 Frankie Cutlass ft. Fat Joe, Doo Wop & Evil Twinz – ‘Boriquas On Da Set’ (1995; Frankie Cutlass; Relativity Records)
13:00 Frankie Cutlass ft. Sadat X, Redman & Jun Lover – ‘You & You & You’ (1996; Frankie Cutlass; Relativity Records)
15:12 Rough House Survivers – ‘Rough House’ (1992; Tony Dofat; Relativity Records)
16:40 Rough House Survivers – ‘Rough House (Pete Rock Remix)’ (1993; Pete Rock; Relativity Records)
17:03 Chi-Ali – ‘Roadrunner (Puberty Mix)’ (1992; A Tribe Called Quest; Relativity Records)
18:24 Chi-Ali – ‘Funky Lemonade (Remix)’ (1992; The Beatnuts; Relativity Records)
19:37 M.O.P. – ‘Downtown Swinga (’96)’ (1996; DJ Premier; Relativity Records)
20:34 M.O.P. – ‘Handle Ur Bizness (DJ Premier Remix)’ (1998; DJ Premier; Relativity Records)
21:46 Fat Joe – ‘Success (DJ Premier Remix)’ (1995; DJ Premier; Relativity Records)
23:09 Fat Joe – ‘Flow Joe’ (1993; Diamond D; Relativity Records)
24:56 The Beatnuts – ‘Do You Believe?’ (1997; The Beatnuts; Relativity Records)
25:47 Chi-Ali – ‘Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A #’ (1992; The Beatnuts; Relativity Records)

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