Official Music Video for Dreams Are Drugs
A short film shot in Arcata, California
Shot and edited @visualizebalance
Prof by AliE(N) @youniversoulhealing
Dancers: Arielle @sultr333 and Phoebe @empyreal_sphynx
Mix/mastered by @Danny Couture

[Verse 1]
I guess I signed up for this didn’t I?
Tried to paint the perfect, this ain’t what I visualized
I just wanna save some lives but sometimes I put that aside
To make sure that Im still alive
To make sure Phillip didn’t die
Sleepless nights
Countless days spent,
All my dreams on a stage
When I awoke I was amazed
To find out I was gon to be fine either way
But something is It don’t feel like that (nah)
Can’t believe my dreams are still intact
I took my life, I had to steal it back
From the contradiction
Reality versus fiction
Or maybe there’s not a difference
And all is just non existence (shit)
I think about this often
Got alot thoughts that I’ll be taking to the coffin
Don’t get me wrong life is awesome
But it can also be exhausting
Gotta move fast but with still with caution
God If I crash just let me…

[Verse 2]
Passion drives me to the point of insanity
I do not know what I plan to be
God can you answer me
Or is it true I’m the answer
And all of the questions are canceling
My own ability to keep on healing me
Feels in like I’m stuck in the middle of nothing
With love to create I just want to relate
… to something

Be afraid
Love more to make it visible at …
Seek introduction, favors, influences
No thank you
No, I thank you
And again I thank you

[Verse 3]
It’s the dark that makes the light so bright
You might of got twisted
If you worry bout the positives the negatives will get ya
All that talk won’t make difference
Till you sit and paint that picture
Don’t be mad at me
Cause I got strategies to get ya richer
It’s that… new wave!
Got you drowning in the relevance
Im out here peddling
Like I been pushing flower medicine
It’s evident that I got all the light like I’m Edison
Irrelevant but I’m high as a kite
Haha yikes
I got the magik
Im gunna whip it like I was Aldin
I’m the whip and I’m rollin a fatty
Send me the addy
Im on my way but I’m laggin
I got the blood of dragon
I know it intense so light incense
And starts relaxing to the point of no reaction
(Chill, chill)
Ego died in a suicide
And the time of death was my date of birth
Every time that I make a verse it’s confirmation I can save the earth
Makin song that that could break the curse that limit all our beliefs
How’d I score all these zero points but I still (steal) one like a thief
“Yo Spxtrms on some crazy (beep)”
That get ya 86’d
You know what it is
This the energy when anything exist
Make em watch like Im stuck up on they wrist
Lowkey like I snuck up in this (beep)
Not abusive but always making hits
Poored my heart out now I’m really getting rich
You can have the money I’m abundant as it gets
Mastered making music now I’m really in the mix
I’ve been chasing dreams like a fein
If you’d die to feel alive then you know just what I mean
Dreams are drugs
(Dream are drugs)
I get high off the thought of turning nothing into something
If I don’t get my fix then I find it hard to function
Dreams are drugs