Hi there! In this video you will see ranked the 15 most viewed Music Videos from Purple Kiss by August 2022.
This data was collected on August 25th, exactly 1 month after the release of Nerdy! Nerdy was able to get 13M views under a month, I’m so happy! It already has more views than memeM, which is a great achievment!
The rules are simples:
– If the MV was posted on multiple channels, the views will be combined (for example, Ponzoña was released on Purple Kiss’ Channel, RBW’s Channel and 1theK, so the views will be the result of the sum of the views from the MV in each channel).
– If the Music Video has more than 1 version, I will only count the version with the most amount of views (Performance MVs or Japanese MVs for an Originally Korean track will not be counted).
– Performance Videos and Japanese MVs are counted (in case they’re the most viewed version)

My intention with this video is to spread more awareness of the importance of streaming, besides also being an informative videos, for more curious Plorys. Streaming is a really big play on the K-Pop scene, due to the recognition the groups receive when they have MVs with a high number of views, or due to music shows or award shows.
I am planning on doing a monthly update of this video, to show the evolution of Purple Kiss’ MV views, and to show how our streaming is doing. Many groups rely on ads to get views, but that only last for about 1 or 2 weeks. If we want Purple Kiss to have MVs with big numbers, we need to focus on the importance of “longevity” streaming. With this, I’m saying that we should stream the MVs even years after it was released, because if we get a good amount of views every month, we will see the views growing bigger and bigger, and not stay stagnant.
If you could, please share this video and message, because, as you can see, Purple Kiss has some MVs with a big amount of views, and we should show to people that may be interested in Purple Kiss that their songs are really good and catch the interest of many people, by making their MVs have even more views.
Thank you so much for the attention!

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