These are the top 50 JYP Entertainment MVs with the most views in the last week! The numbers are accurate as of October 23rd, 2022.

😊 This video includes MVs, special videos, promotion/track videos and performance videos (if they are the main video for a song eg. GOT7 – Teenager, NiziU – Beyond the Rainbow) in ALL languages, from JYP channels.
⛔ Live vocal performances, stage performances and dance practices

💭 What does everything mean?
“Peak” = the highest ever ranking the MV has received in this chart
“Weeks” = the number of weeks an MV has been in the chart
“Views” = the total number of views for an MV
“Gained” = how many views the MV got in the last 7 days, determining it’s ranking
The arrows = up and down arrows indicate if an MV’s ranking has risen or fallen from last week, and the left/right arrow indicates that it’s ranking is the same

INTRO: Miroh (Instrumental) – Stray Kids
“GOODBYE” MUSIC: Hong Jin Young – Goodbye
OUTRO: Baek A Yeon – So So

💎 This chart counts all views on JYP music videos in the last 7 days to create a weekly ranking of the most popular songs every week!

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