Free Online Games

This is a crypto casino linked to the funds made from the Eye of Unity Foundation online crypto arcade.

Website Design

Website Design Services

NFT Art Collection

A.I. Metaverse Wall Art

In-Game NFTs

These are player avatars to play with in Eye of Unity’s online arcade or on your mobile phone

Crypto Arcade

This is an online arcade that uses MATIC NFT tokens as currency

Adult Websites

An adult blog made to reduce the amount of  uncivilized tube porn

Gadget Store

This is a futuristic gadget store that sells sustainability concepts and prototypes

Eye of Unity Foundation

This is a nanocrystalline solar research foundation validating nanocrystal and photovoltaic equations

DJ Services

Professional Mixing Services with WAVS.

Music Promotion

Mixing for clarity is a challenge to get without the right engineer.

Graphic Design

It is important for mixing engineers to use and know relevant software.

Artist Development

All Pro Tools certified engineers can be viewed on Avid’s website.


Simple professional methods of mixing to create an authentic sound.

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